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When everybody can do steamed fish, must have mastered the duration that makes food and time, because if time passes,grow, the fish that does can break away from fishbone, such fish tastes flavour is not delicious1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, and do steamed fish to must add a few water more, otherwise time grows water to boil too after working, such fish tastes mouthfeel is harder, so steamed fish how long can ripe?

 Steamed fish how long is ripe

1, general 15 arrive 20 minutes can.

2, piscine choice: Piscine weight had better be controlled control in 500 grams, place in the fish dish Sino-US view is secondary, the key is to give birth to ripe duration to hold more easily.

If 1. is to steam largish fish, the time of evaporate still can be lengthened again 2 also can be in to 3 minutes of;Fall in love with the sea

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Two chopsticks are worn below piscine body, make the fish leaves open quotation heart, make piscine body encounters hot fast ripe; to still can establish the fish in the round rise evaporate, fill piscine stomach with a green Chinese onion, make the fish stands smoothly, in the meantime, in piscine body both sides each equalize word spends a knife, seam place sandwich Jiang Pian in every knife, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Be sure to keep in mind, must not forget empty evaporate.

If 2. wants to make piscine fragrance a few less jerky, many somes downy, can put the flavour juice of soy, vinegar and mix up of a few edible vegetable oil in a small bowl, with the fish an evaporate, boiler goes out together with the fish after the evaporate that treat theory, irrigate go up in piscine body can.

Of 3. steamed fish cooking also is a knowledge, from choose a fish to arrive burden, from place dish arrive boiler, arrive from duration empty evaporate, each measure has exquisite. Of course taste can undertake allocating according to his be fond of, but but duration and empty evaporate steam a fish ” bright ” assure basically.

 Steamed fish how long is ripe

Watchful point needs when making steamed fish:

1 oneSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
After wanting to leave in water of a pot for steaming food surely, enter the fish boiler again. .

6-7 of evaporate of 2 high heat minute involve fire namely. After involving fire, do not open boiler to build, the fish does not take out pot, use the Yu Wen inside boiler ” empty evaporate ” 5-8 gives boiler instantly after minute, the condiment that will had beforehand again (soy, vinegar, Fall in love with the sea

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Edible vegetable oil, very few salt or do not put salt) drench piscine body.

3 when clearing away a fish, but the fish spinal break from the behead inside the abdomen (the end that use a knife curiums) , contract as a result of fishbone after piscine evaporate is ripe in case and make piscine whole is out of shape, but if your craft is more not close, not behead also goes, lest has not begun evaporate, be out of shape piscine botch. After clearing away the fish clean, in piscine body two side wipe divide evenly lardy (edible vegetable oil is patchy also) , touch a few liquor again (you also can try to touch some of foreign wine, perhaps initiate a new taste) again.

 Steamed fish how long is ripe

4 about 50 grams meat stuffing mixes finally of a bit soy, sesame oil, salt, Jiang Mo, Xianggu mushroom is put into piscine abdomen, can make fishiness brighter already can fill piscine stomach again, the piscine body that makes evaporate goes out is full.

5 take chunk Laojiang, take the longest paragraph cut even and beautiful long and thin silk, take green Chinese onion the middle (not clear not white part, wait with Jiang Si long) cut into shreds, (For beautiful, induce appetite) the shop is in fish dish on, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Enter the fish dish hind scatter some of green Jiang Si on piscine body again.

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