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One kind helps advance somebody’s career with the family those who give priority to view and admire sexual plant, often be put by people Yu Jiazhong. And Lu Hui or a kind of very good edible plant, the life that can use the cooking that make to be people offers richer cate to experience. Use Lu Hui to makeNew Shanghai is expensiveForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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A lot of people know the method that makes cooked food not quite. Lu Hui looks to do dish to eat below best? The personages that have fun at can understand.

 How does aloe do dish to eat

Edible is fresh the good method that Lu Hui is domestic nature health care, specific edible means has: Unripe chew aloe leaf, cut bright aloe part of a historical period into 3 ~ 4 centimeters namely paragraph, abluent flay can; Drink aloe juice, be about to aloe leaf is broken into pieces in soya-bean milk machine filter take, had better follow with along with dozen, 2 weeks are put inside freezer to save 1 ~ after also can be being boiled; In addition still honey of dip of aloe dip wine, aloe waits. Insist to take Lu Hui correctly, can achieve clear heat aperient, kill bug to remove the effect such as the injury of cure of subcutaneous ulcer, unripe flesh, diminish inflammation that fight bacterium.

Tomato mixes tomato of Lu Hui general 250 grams are abluent, take out cuts Ding Kuai after fruit the base of a fruit, load dish inside; Aloe leaf decorticates take the flesh, in boiled water1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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3 ~ are boiled 5 minutes in fish out, cut mesophyll of 10 grams aloe to become Ding Kuai, the shop is on tomato, again above the juice that drenchs with sesame oil, gourmet powder, bright soy, chive add is become, the surface puts some of coriander tender leaf can.

Characteristic: Acid is sweet clear opening, contain a lot ofvitamin C and aloin, clear heat is alexipharmic.

 How does aloe do dish to eat

Aloe of cold and dressed with sause is fresh a flay takes aloe page the flesh, had ironed with boiled water, cut the circle like jelly; Jellyfish skin 20 grams, with water general its salinity purify; Small cucumber is cut 1 times piece. In placing afore-mentioned material sale, drench on the vinegar that tone has sesame oil 3 spoon, can edible.

Characteristic: Relaxed and goluptious, in inappetence or summer appetite not when beautiful, can be eaten together with rice or bread.

 How does aloe do dish to eat

Edible attention

Aloe does dish to distribute food for complementary makings only, andForum of Shanghai night net

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Must flay. Need an attention is, although aloe has all sorts of effect, but also contain certain toxin, cannot excessive is taken. Generally speaking, adult with taking 15 grams everyday fresh Xie Weiyi, child, old person and body relatively weak discretionary reduction 50 % of 20 % ~ , if is constipation person, can eat more a bit some with benefit its effect; If itself is lienalForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Gastric empty is cold, criterion appropriate eats less some advisable.

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