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Both sides of husband and wife is having the phase of pregnant, above all two people should build good feeling, this is most main base, on this foundation, both sides can do a lot of businesses, do motion to take exercise together for instance, can enhance a constitution so1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, still can raise the body the function of a lot of systems, to equipment pregnancyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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For the husband and wife between, another main task adjusts good food namely, can eat more at that time following these alkalescent food.

What alkalescent food does equipment pregnant eat?

What alkalescent food does equipment pregnant eat?

A lot of husband and wife to life of be pregnant with be to have regular program, it is the level that can have an equipment pregnant commonly, both sides of this phase husband and wife is met him take good care of sb personallyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Body, recuperation of food of a lot of moment is a right choice. So what does equipment pregnant eat has been alkalescent food compared? Look together.

One, apple

The apple is first-rate to having be for pregnant family member, because the amino acerbity element that human body cannot lack is contained among the apple, besides, also can see having among the apple very rich protein and all sorts of vitamins, mineral, carotene, the most important is the apple is having those who differ to have a way, for instance conserve of make it salad, make it and eat raw, ripe it is OK to eat.

What alkalescent food does equipment pregnant eat?

2, bean curd

The nutrient value of bean curd believes need not small make up said again, bean products had obtained different age nowadays paragraph of common people approbate, nutrient value is extremely high, and contain a lot ofiron element, magnesian element and calcic copper zinc wait, still having a variety of folic acid, vitamins. Regard desk of domestic Chinese meal as the frequenter that go up, the edible method that can discover bean curd is very much also, domestic member can use equipment pregnant to do soup, cake and cooked wheaten food, flesh piece to wait not only, as a whole not only when heat is fed, cold drinks and snacks is very delicious also.

3, cruelly oppress

Can discover to member of equipment pregnant family, it is better to increase nutrient ability enhance strength, there is very rich protein among cruelly oppress, and different nutrient element also is included be in in the center, but be sure to keep in mind to have pregnant family member had better not exceed a jin everyday, such likelihoods cause the effect that be just the opposite to what one wished, any nutrient elements or it is food to member of equipment pregnant family, even for normal person should right amount, such gift are nicer ensure body nutrition achieves a balanced status.

4, taro

Taro serves as a kind of common vegetable, it contains a lot ofrich protein, more had a variety of vitamins, still having the element such as calcic Tie Lin, flavour not only delicious, of glutinous of soft soft glutinous, to the crowd of equipment pregnant phase, also can produce auxiliary and alimentary result, had clear heat to unscramble, the action such as acetanilide diminish inflammation.

What alkalescent food does equipment pregnant eat?

5, hollow dish

Hollow dish is a kind of most common vegetable on daily table absolutely, such vegetable nutrition cannot small inspect, having a variety of vitamins not only, more had the element such as high grade protein, carotene and calcic phosphor, flavour is more relaxed, after Chun Xia season comes, of member of equipment pregnant familyA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Female friend often appears easily the circumstance of tight, have a poor appetite, will nod clear congee coleLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, more nutrition still can be absorbed after the appetite that lets his is opened, hollow dish still is having the effect of the first-rate clear hot detoxify, detumescence that change Yu.

Above introduced pregnant of 5 kinds of equipment for everybody alkalescentShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Food, can be in the friend of equipment pregnant in the life eat these alkalescent food more, conduce to equipment pregnant success so.

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