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This kind of disease believes eczema a lot of people understand very, because its incidence of a disease is very high, the child that connects oneself and domestic person had not escaped. Do not pass good to be among modern medicine although eczema looks very serious, cure rises also is quite simple, just the patient is in suffer from1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The torment that endures during disease had a few to stop badly. So, eczema patient is in foodA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Can bread take after all on?

Can eczema take bread?

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Eczema can not take bread.

Eczema cannot have the following with taking biscuit account: 1. Food chooses the food with clear hot wet advantage more. Be like red bean of gram, bare, three-colored amaranth, shepherd’s purse, purslane, wax gourd, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Cucumber, asparagus lettuce, eat flesh of fish, shrimp, flocks and herds and excitant food less 2. Eczema patient does not suit to have a fish, tell from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, every fishy smell, piquancy belongs to hair content, do not suit to eat.


Because wet exanthema is complex, after cure improves still turn over recrudesce easily to make, difficult effect a radical cure. Because clinical configuration and place have a characteristic each, reason uses drug because of the person different.

Can eczema take bread?

1. is general principle of prevention and cure

Seek a possibility inducement, wait like mood of working environment, habits and customs, food, hobby, thought, and have without chronic kitchen and splanchnic organ disease.

Inside 2. with therapeutics

Choose fight histamine medicine to stop urticant, two kinds cooperate or use alternately when necessary. Eczema of extensive hair sex is goluptious take or inject candy is coriaceous hormone, but unfavorable and long-term use.

Can eczema take bread?

3. external use therapeutics

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Choose proper the form of a drug and medicaments according to leather damage circumstance. Acute eczema is local physiological saline, 3% boric acid or 1: Fall in love with the sea

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2000 ~ 1: Solution of 10000 potassium permanganate is rinsed, Shi Fu, calamine lotion astringent, protection. The candy with likely application of subacute, chronic eczema is coriaceous hormone frost agent, tar kind preparation or immune conditioning agent, if he is overcome,not manage ointment, be equal to the United States not manages ointment. The person that afterwards sends infection adds antibiotic preparation.

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