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Rice is the very common cate in our life, but when everybody is cooking, hard to avoid is meeting general rice is done much, actually the practice of remnant rice also is rife, not only can make it congee, still can fry eat, remnant rice is OK still fry takes into cake etc, these have a way is very delicate, remnant rice does congee to be able to add the vegetable that he likes, be being made is very simple, and flavour also is very delicate.

How is the remnant rice congee that boil done delicious?

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Ormosia congee

Raw material: Sand of remnant rice, sweet ormosia, ormosia, water.

Practice measure:

Rice of the 1st pace, remnant adds 2 bowls of water to be put into skillet to be burned

The 2nd pace, mix sweet beans and ormosia sand

The 3rd pace, boil 20 minutes the left and right sides

A bowl of the 4th pace, reeky ormosia congee has been done, quick worker breakfast, still can use up remnant rice

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Rice egg cake

Advocate makings: Rice 1 bowl, egg 2, pea 70 overcome

Complementary makings: Sweet green 2, salt 1 Xiao spoon


1, rice a bowl, tender pea is washed clean, sweet green is mincing, egg two

2, egg break up, put salt, sweet green mixes with pea divide evenly

3, enter remnant again rice

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4, mix again equably

5, baking pan of report of the person that use pan internal heat is OK, first boiler bottom oiled, be in rice dip with spoon dish on, 2 spoon a cake, with spoon gently squash, conflagration

6, after shaping, flip through, cortical become angry small fragile have to, appetizing small cake is particularly delicious.

How is the remnant rice congee that boil done delicious?

Kitchen little sign:

Do not have pea to be able to use carrot, green pepper, cucumber cut man, it is OK to come fire is done with any vegetables that he likes.

The effect of rice and action basically have the following kinds:

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1. fills in beneficial is angry, stimulative blood circulation

Color of skin is dark yellow without burnish, the crowd that loses iciness of ruddy, hands or feet is OK and proper have rice more, because rice is OK the beneficial in filling is angry, stimulative blood circulates.

How is the remnant rice congee that boil done delicious?

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. Be good at lienal raise a stomach

A lot of people often can appear Wan is abdominal distension full, inappetence, limb is lack of power, defecate does not become the case such as form, can have rice more, rice can counteract hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, alleviate gastralgia.

3. bright look

Besides, rice still has precautionary eye department the function with dry, ambiguous eyesight, can effective cure conjunctiva congests, pupil expands, the eye ministry disease such as myopia.

4. stops irritated

Rich amino acid and vitamin are contained in rice, can promote metabolism, press down compose oneself classics. Additional, the organic acid in rice still can eliminate exhaustion, help Morpheus.

5. stops have diarrhoea

Patient of lienal empty diarrhoea often is met long have diarrhoea does not heal, anorexia, defecate rare, look is dark yellow, but the actual condition according to oneself is proper have rice more. Although rice looks very common, but the nutrient value of rice is very high. The main component in rice is carbohydrate, contain among them rich protein and a variety of amino acid, human body is digested easily absorb.

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