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The content of C of the vitamin in Jin Jie is very tall, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty action, a lot of people like to eat Jin Jie at ordinary times, often edible gold orange still can prevent a cold, the symptom of cough appears after some people are catching a cold especially, machine Jin Jie a little actually, it is to have relieve a cough of action, but a lot of people do not meet him to make, be being done is very simple, how is Na Jinjie done relieve a cough is the effect good?

How is Jin Jie done relieve a cough is the effect good?

How is Jin Jie done relieve a cough the effect is good

[with makings]

Small Jin Jie 8 go to 10, rock candy is right amount.


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1, shortbread of small gold orange is washed clean, immerse 5 minutes with weak brine.

2, with the knife gently lacerate of Jin Jie skin, put into crock.

3, add right amount rock candy and little salt, phlegmy do not add rock candy more. Salt adds little only, salt having a place more show sweet, also need not add.

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4, the Bao after water leaves makes an appointment with half hours can, can divide second drinkable, drink when tea, small Jin Jie also wants to eat off.

How is Jin Jie done relieve a cough is the effect good?

Jin Jie’s action

One, fight cold action: Often feed what kumquat can enhance airframe to fight cold ability, prevent and cureSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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2, sober up action: Golden orange flavour is pure and fresh and delicious, have the effect of sober up.

3, eupeptic action: Contemporary pharmacodynamics analysis thinks, golden orange skin contains volatile balmy oil, its composition is citric terpene, orange peel glucoside, fatty acid, to digesting assuasive spurs action, conduce to digest.

4, fall blood pressure action: Jin Jie not only beautiful, its fructification contains the part such as glucoside of orange of rich vitamin C, gold, kumquat can produce two-way adjustment to blood pressure, to maintaining cardiovascular function, prevent the disease such as hemal sclerosis, hypertension to have certain effect. The vitamin C of 80% centers Jin Jie on peel, every 100 grams are as high as 200 milligram.

5, protect hemal action: Kumquat provides burst to preventing blood, reduce blood capillary brittleness and appear a gender, sclerosis of slow down blood-vessel has favorable effect.

6, action of cold of prevention and cure: Often feed Jin Jie to return what can enhance airframe to fight cold ability, ; of cold of prevention and cure

7, appetizing promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid action: Jin Jie serves as dietotherapy health care to taste, golden orange confiture is OK and appetizing, drink gold orange juice can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, add drink of turnip juice, pear juice to take can treat cough. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Jie Yu, expectorant.

How is Jin Jie done relieve a cough is the effect good?

The contraindication of golden orange edible

No-no crowd: Diabetic, talking around is broken gall of painful, gum person diet; is lienal weak deficiency of vital energy person careful feed.

Appropriate crowd: Average crowd all but edible. The knot of frowsty gloomy of especially appropriate bosom, person that do not think food or dyspepsia caused by excessive eating or improper diet are full, drunk wine is thirsty person, urgent chronic tracheitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, hypertensive, hemal sclerosis person.

Jin Jie has relieve a cough the effect.

Pleasant of golden orange property of a medicine is lukewarm, can regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it solves gloomy, expectorant, relieve a cough smooth asthma, rock candy adds Jin Jie to have very good treatment chronic bronchitic effect, orange of rock candy gold lies between water to stew the cough; put together that takes asthma of medicable still senile sex and chill to cause to go up, jin Jie has the effect that relieve a cough.

The attention that Jin Jie relieves a cough wants a place

Bubble water is drunk.

Jin Jie stops add water of rock candy bubble to drink relieve a cough the effect is much better, rock candy has embellish lung, relieve a cough, Qing Dynasty is phlegmy the action with reduce internal heat, he Jinjie matchs together, but orange of effective purify gold is acerb flavour, andShanghai noble baby

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And two kinds relieve a cough effect addition, relieve a cough effect is more powerful.

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Long just have relieve a cough the effect

Jin Jie relieves a cough expectorant effect is better, according to the constitution different, some people eat orange of rock candy gold to be able to have relieve a cough very well the effect, circumstance a little serious and certain, everyday two, the likelihood needs to take 3-4 day, even a week, if do not have the effect again, the proposal goes to a hospital seeing a doctor.

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