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Walnut regards a kind of relatively common firm fruit as food, it is the snacks that a lot of people love to eat, and have a lot of profit to human body because of walnut, also get so of everybody love. Using walnut also can make a lot of cate actually, for instance walnutmeat of amber walnutmeat, aspic of sweet-scented osmanthus walnut, yellow rice or millet wine is waited a moment, love the friend of edible walnut, can choose various means to make work taste.

What does walnut do delicious method to have?

Amber walnutmeat

Material: Unripe walnutmeat 250 grams, bai Sha candy 45 milliliter, honey 30 milliliter, butter 15 milliliter, white sesame seed is right amount.

Practice: One minute is boiled to go in putting walnut the water that heats first acerbity except ash, after fish out of the; in cold water of the immerge after fish out drop works Bai Sha candy1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, honey, butter enters the agitate on walnutmeat together even, let each nucleus as far as possibleA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Medium baking temperature 12 minutes, bell of every other dichotomy takes out mix, color shows golden scene can. Scatter by heat on white sesame seed, put cool can edible.

Effect: Enrich the blood hair of embellish lung, black is raised colour.

Sweet-scented osmanthus walnut freezes

Material: Walnutmeat 250 grams, butter 100 grams, white sugar is right amount, xian Guihua 15 grams.

PracticeFall in love with the sea

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: Walnut adds water wear oar, join white sugar and butter boil after agitate together, boil hind installs dish of refrigeration, put freezer refrigerant and optimal, delimit walnut aspic with the knife before edible small, scatter on Xian Guihua can.

Effect: Clear heat is alexipharmic, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty is applicable phlegmy heat coughs asthma, dry of kidney empty bowel, the waist aches.

What does walnut do delicious method to have?

Walnutmeat of yellow rice or millet wine

Material: Walnut 5, white sugar 50 grams, yellow rice or millet wine 50 milliliter.

Practice: Walnut hull and white sugar are ground together to cream shape, after joining yellow rice or millet wine, small fire boils 10 minutes can.

Effect: Right forgetful, long asthma, waist aches, the disease such as chronic constipation, old person constipation has curative effect.

Congee of walnut chestnut ormosia

Material: Ormosia, walnutmeat, chestnut is right amount.

What does walnut do delicious method to have?

Practice: Ormosia bubble warm water 3 hours, chestnut water boils half hours of flay, boil ormosia, chestnut, walnutmeat a hour together finally can edible.

ResultEffect: Ormosia can enrich the blood, diuresis, detumescence and chestnut of; of stimulative heart activation can fill kidney is strong waist, be good at lienal stop have diarrhoea, invigorate the circulation of blood is hemostatic; walnut but black hair, fall blood of dry, attune. 3 person can say be a female to enter Bu Zhibao together, suit menstruation or postpartum take a tonic to build up health.

Walnut rice congee

Material: Walnutmeat 10 reach 15, rice 100 grams, white sugar is right amount.

Practice: Walnutmeat and rice add water to boil congee together, join right amount white sugar to flavor according to taste.

Effect: Beneficial lung, embellish bowel. Apply to a waist to be fond of a leg soft, long cough lobar empty, be discouraged frequency breathes heavily, pee not free, disease hind is frail. But1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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jalf congealed or rare person unfavorable edible.

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