[pregnant woman of chop yam soup can be drunk] _ of soup of _ chop yam is pregnant _ can drink –

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Yam is the another namer of yam, we can mix chop at ordinary times Shang Lai of yam make it is drinkable, have very good be good at the effect that lienal beneficial enrages, have the effect that removes exhaustion, can increase the disease-resistant capacity of the body, also be such to pregnant woman, drink appropriately a few, can promote health, to fetal1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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healthy growth also has profit, still have precautionary constipation additionally, help aid digestion, reduce the effect of blood sugar.

Can be pregnant woman of chop yam soup drunk

Alleviate constipation

Many starch and vitamin are contained in yam, protein, amino acid, although yam can cause the full abdomen of human body to feel, butForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Won’t lack nutrient element however, have certain fine aspect effect so, eat yam to still can help gastric bowel digest at the same time absorb, stimulative bowel wriggles, precautionary gentle solves constipation.

Can be pregnant woman of chop yam soup drunk

Be good at lienal beneficial stomach, aid digestion

Much the amylase in yam, more phenolic oxidation is enzymatic wait for material, be helpful for taste digesting absorb, can treat taste frail, feed the disease such as little body tired, have loose bowels.

Can be pregnant woman of chop yam soup drunk

Beneficial lung relieves a cough

Yam contains black glucoside, mucus to pledge, have lubricant, moist effect, butA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Cure is lobar empty, phlegmy cough, long coughing disease.

Reduce blood sugar

Yam contains mucus protein, have the effect that reduces blood sugar, can use at cure diabetic, it is candyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The dietotherapy beautiful of uric patient is tasted.

Essence of grow kidney beneficial

The nutrient part in yam is very substantial, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Have the effect of essence of beneficial of kidney of able-bodied airframe, grow. Can treat kidney leucorrhoea of deficient, seminal emission, woman the disease such as frequency of overmuch, pee.

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Material, it is eatable food, having be good at the kidney of gas of lienal, beneficial, solid, effect that removes exhaustion. Yam can offer a person, kind polysaccharide is protein — mucus albumen, have be good at profit of lienal beneficial stomach, filling seed is angry. Provide the function of immune force. Yam still contains rich carbohydrate, have the effect that balances the blood sugar, detoxify that protect liver. Yam is containing many protein and starch, and contain a lot ofcellulose, pregnant woman eats yam to have fine aspect effect.

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