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The egg can not follow gourmet powder to be boiled together, believe a lot of housewife alreadyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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It is you may not know, after cannot be boiled in order to follow candy one case or eating an egg, the egg takes candy also is no good, small arrange those jobs that give everybody introduction to eat an egg to cannot be done today.

A kind of food and egg eat together, will naturally toxic! (1)

1, candy does not take instantly after eating an egg

A lot of places have the habit that has syrup poached eggs, actually, the amino acid that that meeting makes egg protein medium forms the combinative other people of fructose radical lysine. And this kind of material is absorbed not easily by human body, can produce undesirable effect to healthy meeting so.

Eat an egg Xiao stick person

Egg of egg of of the previous night, tea is bad to the body

After doing not have well-done egg of the previous night, the meeting of among them nutrition causes a bacterium, if eat,meet to such degenerative egg ill health. Because protein already was destroyed when boil, it is of the previous night, so nutrient value can be reduced a lot of. Manage together, cooking the tea egg that cooks again also is to should notice littleForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Eat. Because the material in tea is mixed,protein mixture meeting produces harmful material.

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