Fujian pushs housing to ensure means to transform ” filling brick ” with ” filling poll ” develop simultaneously

The reporter arrives from Fujian Province housing and understanding of hall of urban and rural construction, this hall allotted recently ” about advancing housing to ensure means change and building collect a money to change find a place for directive opinion of the job ” (opinion of the following abbreviation) . The opinion points out housing safeguard executes objective safeguard and monetary al阿爱上海同城

lowance to pay equal attention to stage by stage, filling brick develops simultaneously with filling poll.

Allowance of the money that rent should be followed row with respect to city

The opinion is clear, rent hous上海龙凤论坛sh1f

ing allowance to according with the public housing of the condition that rent to ensure an object to extend, by its proper motion bear hire housing. Through hiring room allowance, low income housing is difficult in enhancing town family bear the capacity that hire or buys housing.

Take subsidy of the money that rent, should reasonable calculate affirmatory housing to rent subsidy level, establish the mechanism that as market hire change has trends is adjusted; Want to execute a difference to spend allowance, low to town preserve housing difficulty family, can according to local market average rent rents housing subsidy level certainly; Right low income housing is difficult in other town family, can rent housing subsidy level certainly according to the classification such as income circumstance.

Build the public housing that rent to want to put on record

The opinion points out, each city (contain smooth Tan Zeng to combine experimental division, similarly hereinafter) , the pattern that the county can adopt a government to buy or hires housing of the commodity that put an amount for a long time, also can adopt encourage estate to develop an enterprise to transform housing of the commodity that put an amount the pattern that is the public housing that rent, deserve to hire user of the public housing that rent by the government.

Among them, the project of the public housing that rent that the start working before the bottom built 2012, by上海贵族宝贝

2015 before 90% should finish cent to match, half-baked city, county, in principle no longer new go into operation builds the public housing that rent.

Need to build the city of the public housing that rent, county truly, want to will apply for annulus wait an amount, build the case such as infrastructure of form a complete set of project optional location, project the newspaper sends Fujian Province housing and hall 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

of urban and rural construction to put on record, ensure the public housing that rent and program of synchronism of infrastructure of form a complete set, synchronous newspaper is approved, synchronous construction, synchronous consign is used.

Source of room of the public housing that rent: Buy rent housing the housing that put an amount, for a long time

The opinion points out, buy housing of the commodity that put an amount to serve as the public housing that rent, room source can be build comm上海千花网龙凤论坛

odity housing or put quantity housing, set model the area should accord with demand of the public housing that rent, in principle must not exceed 80 square metre. Room source is the room that put an amount, fang Lingyi is in 10 years of less than, without quality and safe hidden trouble.

Rent housing for a long time to serve as the public housing that rent in the market, the hire of room source ought to consider integratedly to be the same as an area the market hire of congener building, close store the structure of room source, into new, decorate, the factor such as establishment of form a complete set and building current situation is reasonable and certain, control hire standard appropriately. The room source that rents for a long time, the deadline that rent ought to be in 3 years of above, deadline of hire of semifinished product chummage ought to be in 5 years of above. Close store of semifinished product room, decorate a standard to be organized lawfully according to the public housing that rent decorate, close store the at the expiration of one’s term of office of the deadline that 上海贵族宝贝交流区

rent that the building contract that rent agrees and lease time actually more than 5 years, it is OK that the building decorates establishment free puts in building droit ‘s charge the person is all. (reporter Wang Wenqing)

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