Chinese UniCom group is mixed change plan to recall blame of reason beginning and end distributes stock item publicly the case is analytic

Chinese card inspect is met evening releases official website yesterday the message says, chinese UniCom (7.47, 0, 0.00%) is mixed change involved blame to issue stock item publicly to regard a case as processing, applicable card inspect was met on Fe爱上海同城

burary 17, 2017 again the regulation before financing system edits. This gave up undoubtedly guess inside course of study in again financing is new politics below, chinese UniCom is mixed change those who involve travel of blame fair development to issue the price, doubt that increases circulation to may be put in the problem surely.

16 days of evening, net of UniCom group officer, red prepare company, A the company is released in succession mix change plan. However, group and A the company is in however before long hind recalled press release and announcement.

17 days of before dawn, uniCom A release announcement to say, because of technical reason, the company already applied for to continue to stop a card. The company will deal in a few days in 3 exposure blame is issued publicly beforehand case and other and relevant file and answer card.

Announcement place says technical reason causes all sorts of guessing. Among them partial v爱上海同城

iewpoint th上海夜网

inks, this may be mixed because of Chinese UniCom change those who involve is directional distribute program, existence and the circumstance that active regulation is contrary to.

Newspaper of S上海贵族宝贝论坛

hanghai negotiable securities ever reported 18 days, market personage guesses, announce what recall again to mix first according to Chinese UniCom change plan, the blame that involves among them issues stock item publicly to may be put in two flaws.

It is to release a price, the information that discloses according to website of group of 16 days of late UniCom, included directional add the unit price of hair to be 6.83 yuan / , and the card inspect that came on stage this year in Feburary is met again financing new rule is clear, fix a price first days when fiducial day bear阿爱上海同城

d issues a stock publicly to send date of departure to be not (UniCom A the share price before stopping a card is 7.47 yuan) . 2 it is to increase circulation surely, by add new rule surely, appear on the market company blame issues share amount publicly to must not exceed 20% of total capital stock before issueing, and in the plan that UniCom announces 16 days, the A that the plan adds surely the amount already achieved A 42.63% of total capital stock.

The information that meeting government we爱上海同城论坛

bsite releases card inspect yesterday says, can serious study carries out card inspect the decision-making deploy that fulfils the Party Central Committee, the State Council to be reformed about deepening state-owned company, deep knowledge and understanding China UniCom mix the great meaning that changes to have foretaste of go ahead of the rest to deepening a state-owend enterprise to reform. Chinese UniCom already developed innovation in the country appoint wait for next the branch is direct making mix change plan. Meeting classics and national development reform Chinese card inspect appoint wait for a branch to be depended on lawfully compasses after fulfilling corresponding and legal process, mix to Chinese UniCom change involved blame to issue stock item publicly to regard a case as processing, applicable card inspect was met on Feburary 17, 2017 again the regulation before financing system edits.

Market personage thinks, card inspect can make clear UniCom to mix blame of experience changing place to be issued publicly applicable again financing old way, two afore-mentioned misgive that guess place is brought from nonexistent.

UniCom was released now mix the special announcement that change, blame to issue A publicly stock beforehand case, Jian Shiquan beneficial is fluctuant transaction. Company stock now answer card. (reporter Ma Jingyu)

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