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Budapest of China News Service on July 19 report (reporter Wang Jing) undertake in 19 days 2017 international swim couplet world woman of diving of bright and beautiful contest in final of 10 meters of stages, chinese team ” double insurance ” Siyajie, Ren Qian not enemy Malaysia veteran Zhang Junhong, win silver medal and bronze medal respectively. After Shan Shijin of afterwards noise made in coughing or vomiting surpasses Korea player Jin Guoxiang to lose laurel in this project, zhang Junhong makes this item another ” a dark horse ” .

That evening finals from the 3rd start aside only then produce gut turn: Zhang Junhong turns over Teng Sanzhou to hold genu in the arms partly upcountry by right of 407C() wonderful performance, rank in total cent the 4th, backward the first Ren Qian comes true to exceed instead below circumstance of nearly 16 minutes, jump reside the first. And Ren Qian because the 3rd jump error, the rank falls reach the 2nd. Korea player Jin Meili also appears error, rank 4.

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Last before jumping, ren Qian and Zhang Junhong distinguish difference only 2.35 minutes, but as a result of Ren Qian again error, and Zhang Junhong is developed normally, ren Qian fails to finish exceed instead. The last although the Siyajie that come on the stage is developed normally, but also fail to come true to exceed instead. Final, the champion on Zhang Junhong station gets award platform, si Yajie wins silver medal, ren Qi上海龙凤论坛

an wins bronze medal.

To Chinese player, fail to keep this gold very regretful. After contest, ren Qian cries red eye. “The Olympic Games is made an appointment with to end in now my condition is not very good, I think at that time, I am no good, on the side of me (teammate Si Yajie) also can go. So we do not have the likelihood to take gold to let my heart for Chinese team in very afflictive. ” of Ren Qian grow development still is the problem that she should overcome hard, after the Olympic Games is being made an appointment with to end in, she grows again 34 centimeters taller, at present weight decreases two kilograms even at least.

Si Yajie is in aside low head sees a mobile phone, the mood is a little low also. “I feel, 爱上海同城上海夜网论坛


oneself still calculate normal play, but luck is a bit poorer. ” she says, if think toward advantage, at least more than on one a bronze medal. (Be over)

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