Shandong nova or from the country abstruse jump didn’t national group hit a profession to greet hop?

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Zhu Rongzhen of nova of Shandong planted agent

Jinan of Qi Lu net on May 10 dispatch (Xu Kai of lightning sports reporter China) before a month, chinese basket assist announced a country abstruse the list of assemble for training of male basket, those who come from Shandong youth male basket ” small Yao Ming ” Zhu Rongzhen first degrees selected. Regard Shandong as nova of latent capacity of male basket planted agent, with the planted agent on arena of current the national game爱上海龙凤419桑拿

s kill greatly implement, zhu Rongzhen endured the attention of the outside already, he is given high recognition by American NBA media for a time.

This year Zhu Rongzhen of 18 years old, be born in Jinan chapter grave, height already achieved 2.16 meters, department office center, predict to be able to grow 2.2 meters or so through measuring bone age, also be by media assist ” small Yao Ming ” . 2015 U16 inferior on green contest, zhu Rongzhen makes Chinese group notch king; Was known as 2016 ” little life blueness is surpassed ” Germany on invitational tournament of male basket of youth of internatio上海同城对对碰交友社区

nal of U18 of graceful sea Mu, wang He of backboard of Zhu Rongzhen coronate builds cap king, obtain promulgate the sports meet is optimal center and the gifteddest player.

Respect of NBA of American choosing beautiful net is written before long before this civil think, “Zhu Rongzhen continued the long tradition of Chinese great stature, he is having an outstanding head and talent. Reach 2.16 meters center as a height, zhu Rongzhen is having outstanding arm to exhibit with gangling bodily form, he Zhouqi is in likewise big when photograph comparing, zhu Rongzhen’s type of build or figure is stronger. In the meantime, zhu Rong新上海贵族宝贝论坛

zhen has move and Zhou Qi’s similar maneuverability. And his card him palpability can hit the target outside 3 seconds area room jumps cast. In addition, the stability that he still has keen sense and with respect to his age talk is low an aggression method. He is the player of an OK and long-term training absolutely, he is having the upper limit of arrogant person. ” such a paragraph of language, the word that all NBA media is almost spent praising, also can see American side to this Shandong big fellow approbate and value.

Current, zhu Rongzhen is the brunt member of male basket of youth of Shandong full use, before paragraph time is developed in preliminary contest outstanding, especially last are opposite a Guangdong, full-court takes Zhu Rongzhen below 20 minutes to lead rival of group win by a narrow margin 2 minutes, final of successful promotion the national games encircles help team. To loving person, shandong youth male basket advocate handsome, the Xu Changsuo that also is Zhu Rongzhen teacher expresses, “Zh爱上海同城

u Rongzhen’s condition is really pretty good, his prospective development sees his personal growth even actually, prospective way is very long, hope he does not want be pleased with oneself, should be not held in both hands to kill by outside media place more, sureness plays a ball game, ability reachs the height that he can reach normally. What these a few years of outsides fry before is very hot, who to say who who is Yao Ming successor, that who who who is Chinese mobile Great Wall爱上海同城对对碰

, final actually far did not reach that height, the most crucial still is dependable training, one step comes. One step comes..

To Zhu Rongzhen, shandong youth male basket advocate pour into of handsome Xu Changsuo a lot of painstaking effort, include the training of systematization, of specific aim strengthen training, “When he comes over from Jinan physical culture school, it is very good young plant, this must thank his illuminative coach Zhao Feng really, zhao Jiao is experienced these year disentombing all the time talent and training qualified personnel, also provided a lot of some qualified personnels to save a band. Also provided a lot of some qualified personnels to save a band..

Speak of Zhu Rongzhen just saved a band, “Zhao Feng is taking Zhu Rongzhen to come at that time, I look, it is good young plant really, fitness is very marvellous, a bit more crucial it is this child can bear hardships, daily training very hard, often him gnash one’s teeth imposes practice. ” Xu Changsuo expresses, “Preliminary contest of this the national games, he is hit very outstandingly, have bully energy of life very much, the most crucial it is child character pretty good, qualified personnel of training of group of our Shandong youth has such, that should do a star to be an upright person first namely, xiaozhu is very outstanding, the training that passes these a few years of systems, was to arrive to unplug again further really tall time node. Was to arrive to unplug again further really tall time node..

As the nation is young in former days brunt, just selected country abstruse, two nations group joins in in national champion of recruit new first phase nowadays, bright red Rong Zhenneng denies implementation life hop, again the national group of period of selected Du Feng, Li Nan, also be by no means impossible actually, had not played the super planted agent of professional league matches as, if group of direct and selected nation, this is afraid on Shandong basketball history peerless, we might as well wait and see what happens.

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