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” ghost sob 5 ” the line on go ahead of the rest of edition of Xbox1 edition experience is newest much person fights check scheme to expose to the sun in all piece      Read textual on December 19 the TV program in the evening " TV 上海龙凤论坛

of sky blocking general! Year end is special time ” go up, newest expect 上海千花网

your work ” ghost sob 5 ” expose to the sun gave up to date information, edition of Xbox1 edition experience reachs the line on go ahead of the rest till January 6, 2019, and newest much person fights check scheme to wait in all expose to the sun piece. · ” ghost sob 5 ” the line on this day of edition of Xbox1 edition experience, will end till January 6, 2019, and the sky of general of experience edition card of other version fixes the line on the meeting, but date of short duration is not affirmatory, expect please. Edition of beat the gun of Shi Ai punish summary effects brave person fight evil dragon wright 2 shift to an earlier date one day only beat the gun       Read textual some time ago ” regnal heart 3 ” ahead of schedule a few months lets Shi Ai pole be be furious with respect to the message of beat the gun, release medium of communication according to saying to be rectified vigorously, it seems that somewhat effect, today of put on sale ” brave person fight evil dragon: Wright 2 ” gave off edition of beat the gun yesterday only. · ” brave person fight evil dragon: Wright 2 destroy a god to hope to be mixed more empty empty island ” book will land PS4/switch platform today on Decemb爱上海同城手机版

er 20, it is famous sandbox makes kind of game ” brave person fight evil dragon: Wright ” newest add is made, MC of so-called day type kind the masterpiece of game, the player will experience with the form of RPG romance and build kind fun, the part with DQ famous at the same time series people also will join venture together, be worth to expect.新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

2018 game bound is disappointing incident check ” radiation 76 ” , Shanghai Long Shangbang     Read textual 2018 be about to go, each industries also en上海千花网交友

tered the phase that summary looks into, after Kotaku of the intermediary outside today was releasing 2018 year surprise, arranged the game bound is the most disappointing 2018 incident seniority in their memory again, let us be recalled. At the outset Bethesda is made public on E3 ” radiation 76 ” when, although vermicelli made from bean starch expresses doubt to playing a way brand-newly, but still be willing to try. ” radiation 76 ” overturned to play a way originally, player need is online go up the base that oneself build in the world, with other cooperation or it is to paper nucleus of the one face opposite side to play. This is the attempt that has a risk, and the redound that also did not bring the obverse side to Bethesda apparently. Little numerous style ” emperor card air battle 7 ” video of introduction of opportunity for combat opportunity for combat of vulture of the 8th lion      Read textual palace announced the dream austral 10 thousand generation to be aimed at a few days ago ” emperor card air battle 7 ” conduct propaganda piece show a plan, the company will roll out a series of type introductions to publicize piece, every nearsightedness frequency introduces a kind of model, add up to 15 kinds. The company had announced 7 before, introduced opportunity for combat of famous U.S. Army air battle to represent ” battleplan of F-15C eagle type ” , Ou Shi is represented ” EF-2000 typhoon battleplan ” , ” F/A-18F ” A-10C of MiG-31B of delegate of type of carrier-borne combat attack plane, Russia, right heavy-duty attack plane, f-14D of star opportunity for combat and make empty battleplan MiG-29A. What introduce this is small a few more numerous work: The vulture of JAS 39 lion of 4 acting opportunity for combat that group of Swedish Sa rich develops ” Gripen E ” . (before 10 thousand Dai Nameng palace ever revealed video of the 8th type introduction to be F-22A bird of prey, but video is cancelled by the company again later, change for lion vulture Gripen E. ) ” the earth is defensive army: Tie Yu ” will land Japanese PS4 on April 11 at next year       Read textual issu新上海贵族宝贝论坛

e business D3 Publisher to announce now, fire of the 3rd person makes newly ” the earth is defensive army: Tie Yu ” will be in Japan on April 11, 2019 put on sale, land PS4 platform, this making already took purchase in advance of PS shop open in day. ” the earth is defensive army: Tie Yu ” by Yuke ‘ development of S Media Creations, the player is OK and self-restrained achieve leading role formerly, include sexual distinction, appearance, sound, dress to wait to be able to undertake be defininged oneself, and the tremendous insect an eccentric person of sex of the mark in series also will continue to come on stage. Intermediary chooses outstanding work of 2018 year Cos outside every part is a god reductive        Read textual wanted to go immediately 2018, in whole game circle, cosplay serves as a kind of culture, also get of everybody love. A lot of Coser not only Yan Zhi is conspicuous, prop equipment is magical also reductive. Arrange with respect to Kotaku of the intermediary outside look next, the most beautiful COS that those your people forgot hard 2018 pursues. ” Tartarean baron ” restart edition head ministry is premonitory of exposure Satan child empress of big fight blood       Read textual now, restart edition ” Tartarean baron: Hematic empress rises abruptly ” first premonitory exposure. The screen of Tartarean baron return of personate of the big Ha Bai that defend · , all sorts of an eccentric person in prevue come on stage, the hematic empress that rice pulls strange personate of dimension of · Qiao Wo also has look good as result of recieving praise. Restart edition ” Tartarean baron ” fixed position is R class, those who tell about is Tartarean baron comes to England, destroy story of mediaeval queen opposed with covet. In addition film exposure one Zhang Quanxin stage photo. ” Tartarean baron: Hematic empress rises abruptly ” by beautiful theatrical work ” western the world ” director Neal Marshall hold guide, besides ever went out act ” language of quite strange thing ” male star besides David Habai, numinous Bloomer learning the home teachs Ke Xiaoen personate of wheat of Yi favour · , mila Qiaowoweiji goes out perform empress of wrong part blood.

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