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Article introduction

To the female, it is not difficult to want to connect waists-coat line, but a lot of people do not have importunate spirit, the movement that perhaps masters and method are incorrect also, also can end up with nothing definite so naturally. the female of line of experienced to wanting waists-coat, it is to should master certain behavioral essentials above all, if oneself do not understand on one hand to this, can go so gym seeks advice from a coach. Can drill for everybody introduction below a few starts that give waists-coat clue.

How does ability practice give waists-coat clue


Movement one


Two legs are done by turns, each leg is done 12 times, round of movement is done 24 times in all, 30s rests after ending every time, do 3 rounds.


Behavioral essentials:


1, lumbar back is flat, abdomen lasts nervous, of joint of shoulder of the park that prop up lower part, ancon joint should be not locked up dead


2, knee joint faces towards bosom


How does ability practice give waists-coat clue

Movement 2


Round of movement in all 20, after ending every time, restShanghai noble baby

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30s, do 2 rounds enough.


Behavioral essentials:


1, trunk and ground keep parallel, limb is extended to far place as far as possible


2, double foot and shoulder are the same as wide, rhythm is controlled in the movement, hold the body balance


How does ability practice give waists-coat clue

Movement 3


Very famous, to exercising core muscle group have very great help. If never contact nuclear cardiac muscle group the person of training, if be being done at the beginning, cannot hold to too long.


Successive, accomplish every time, fall one round to increase 5-10 second, take exercise to be able to be done continuously about 2 minutes or so already OK, rest 30S hind is OK redo, do 2-3 annulus probably about the same also.


Behavioral essentials:


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Hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, carry a small of the back the back is erect, the body maintains point-blank


2, positional moderate, slightly prep above waist


3, cervical keep natural, visual before lower part, do not look up.


Movement 4


The attention follows have distinction, the pocket does not leave the area, this movement is aimed at epigastrium, the effect is first-rate, hold to a few days, can see apparently on celiac line.


Each rounds do 12 times, rest 30S, repeat 2-3 second already enough.

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Behavioral essentials:


1, by ear of both hands park, athletic middleman and guarantor holds chin and cervical included angle changeless, should not break a neck


2, abdomen maintains continuously nervous, case to leave the area


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Each groups are done 12 times, rest 30S, do two groups already enough.


Behavioral essentials:


1, double foot is shut, nature unbend


2, double shoulder touchdown, the head is fixed


3, turn to become 45 degrees with the ground can, the shoulder when roll does not leave


Good, drill everyday aggrandizement of these 5 movements, waists-coat line can come out very quickly

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